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Remote banking servicing


Today, the “Internet-Customer” System is an innovative digital banking based on a principally new modern modified DigitalBank IT-platform, that meets the highest safety standards in the “Internet-Client” System. It is used at any platforms and browsers and does not require the installation of any additional software.
Service in the “Internet-Customer” System is provided using a Web-application and a Mobile application.

Key advantages of the “Internet-Customer” System:
· unlimited access to the “Internet-Customer” System, via Internet including access using mobile phones, pads and PC;
· 24/7 access to electronic bank services;
· maximum set of banking services and products;
· information update in online mode;
· possibility to adjust personal notifications;
· simple integration with external services;
· user-friendly interface to work in the “Internet-Customer” System.

The following is required to install the “Internet-Customer” System:
· familiarize with The General Terms and Conditions of the Remote Banking Services Agreement in the “Internet-Customer” system for Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, Peasant (Farm) Enterprises, Private Notaries, Lawyers, Private Court Bailiffs, and Professional Mediators in “Bank RBK” JSC;
· fill in the application for this service connection.

Access to the “Internet-Customer” System: https://online.bankrbk.kz.

RBSS General Terms and Conditions

Security procedures when operated at System

Statement for connecting to the System making changes

User manual


RBSS Internet-Customer Presentation